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Adelaide entrepreneur Matthew Michalewicz's new book urges readers to seize the day

9th September 2013 / News
DO you have a bucket list? If not, write one now.

That's one of the early messages from Adelaide entrepreneur Matthew Michalewicz's new book, Life in Half a Second: How to achieve success before it's too late.

Mr Michalewicz is a member of a select group - a successful serial entrepreneur - who has chosen to live in Adelaide.

His most recent venture was Solveit Software - a process optimisation company he founded in 2004.

In eight years, he grew it to about 150 employees, and sold it to Schneider Electric last year.

In the last financial year when he was at the helm, the business grew 678.9 per cent, and was named the third-fastest-growing technology company in Australia in Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 Program.

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SolveIT Software Named Third Fastest Growing Company in Australia

16 November 2012 / News
SolveIT Software was co-founded by Matthew Michalewicz in 2004 and has grown from scratch to more than 150 employees under his leadership as CEO. The company has been named the third fastest growing company in the nation by Deloitte.

The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Australia 2012 is a program that recognises and profiles fast growing technology companies. The program, which is now a decade old in Australia, ranks the 50 fastest growing public or private technology companies, based on percentage revenue growth over three years (2010 to 2012).

The 2012 winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 is Internet retailer, BrandsExclusive (Australia) reporting a 1,335.1% growth rate. Life sciences company, Australian Renewable Fuels, was the runner-up reporting a 1,235.7% growth rate, followed by SolveIT Software with a 678.9% growth rate.

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SolveIT Software bought by Schneider Electric

3 September 2012 / News
SolveIT Software aims to become a global leader in optimisation and predictive modelling after being acquired by Schneider Electric. The company was co-founded by Matthew Michalewicz in 2004 and has grown from scratch to more than 150 employees under his leadership as CEO. It has developed software which helps firms like miners and food producers wring the last drop of efficiency out of their supply chains, using high-level mathematics.

Matthew Michalewicz said the company had been working with Schneider Electric for a couple of years, and their customers, which include the largest mining companies in the world, suggested they think about linking up.

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Matthew Michalewicz joins ICHCA Board

20 February 2012 / News
Matthew Michalewicz has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the International Cargo Handling Co-Ordination Association (ICHCA).

ICHCA Australia is part of the ICHCA International Ltd global network with members in 90 countries. ICHCA Australia is responsible for running the affairs of ICHCA in Australia, and represents Australia's views at ICHCA International and other forums. ICHCA Australia is committed to increasing knowledge of the various ways to improve the efficiency, productivity and effectiveness of the handling and movement of goods, from origin to destination by and between all modes and at all points of the national and international transport supply chains.

Matthew Michalewicz Named SA Pearcey Entrepreneur of Year

17 November 2011 / News
Matthew Michalewicz, has been named the 2011 SA Pearcey Entrepreneur of Year. The Pearcey Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded in 1998 in memory of a great Australian ICT pioneer Dr Trevor Pearcey. The Foundation operates broadly across the Australian Information Communication Technologies (ICT) sector, from celebrating achievements through national and state awards, to being involved in debate and public policy on critical national issues such as productivity, the digital economy and national infrastructure.

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Taking the Lead in Artificial Intelligence

2 February 2008 / News
The Advertiser - When Matthew Michalewicz started SolveIT Software in 2005, his father Dr Zbigniew Michalewicz, the author of 15 books on applied Artificial Intelligence, became its chairman. SolveIT Software’s work involves helping clients such as the Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Orlando Wines, ETSA Utilities, and Michell, to optimise marketing and logistics decisions.

“The company has large growth ahead in the next decade because a whole new market for artificial intelligence will be developed,” Mr Michalewicz said. He believes artificial intelligence will become a mainstream industry within a decade.

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How to Build Up Your Credibility

27 April 2007 / News
The Australian — Summary — Another “how–to–make–a–million” business book? Well, no. Winning Credibility by Matthew and Zbigniew Michalewicz is not designed to make you rich so much as to make your business work. The book addresses the catch–22s that paralyse businesses big or small, through a lack of credibility. People, Michalewicz says, can do a “credibility audit” to see how they stack up against the book’s suggestions. They can make realizations such as: “Yes, I’m strong in this area and have communicated it well to prospective customers, but I’m really weak here and have lost quite a few sales of because of it.”

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Closing the Credibility Gap

16 January 2007 / News
Australian Financial Review — Whether a business wants to attract capital, customers, or employees, entrepreneur Matthew Michalewicz believes the success of its mission will depend largely on the credibility it can demonstrate. The co–author of a recently published guide for building businesses from rags to riches, Winning Credibility, Michalewicz is also the Managing Director of his own software company and Visiting Fellow at the University of Adelaide.

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Review: The Winning Way

1 November 2006 / News
VirginBlue Voyeur — When it comes to building business success, Shane Conroy discovers credibility is the difference between surviving and thriving. This is the sober reminder from the father–and–son team behind Winning Credibility: A guide for building a business from rags to riches. The authors present their ideas in a direct and easy–to–read format, and don’t hid behind the usual undecipherable industry jargon. They go on to provide a myriad of measured and experienced–tested advice on how to effectively start and grow a business.

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Major Intelligent Island Program Proceeds

8 August, 2006 / News
The Federal Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, Senator Helen Coonan, and Tasmanian Premier Paul Lennon today welcomed the appointment of a panel to recommend applications for funding under the Market Access and Partnerships Program (MAPP). The seven person panel includes Matthew Michalewicz, CEO Of SolveIT Software.

"This is an important step in progressing MAPP in Tasmania, an initiative which will benefit both the Tasmanian ICT industry and the wider Tasmanian economy," Senator Coonan said. "The panel members have been appointed on the basis of their wide-ranging experience and expertise in technology, finance, management and commercialisation."

Mr Lennon said: "This industry-based panel will assess applications against the Market Access and Partnerships Program's selection criteria and will make recommendations to the Intelligent Island Project Executive. Their expertise and experience will be instrumental in identifying the best and most promising applications from the Tasmanian ICT industry."

"Matthew is an accomplished speaker, but more than that, he presents with the utmost authority and credibility. He has an ability to gauge the mood and interest of the audience, and tailor his comments and presentation to suit."

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"We got numerous comments about how easy to relate to Matthew was and how inspired people were to take charge of their own goals."

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"Matthew is a fine, natural speaker and I have been delighted to engage his services for several important events. Drawing upon a variety of successful experiences, including leadership of several high-tech companies, Matthew is able to convey deep insights into issues such as the commercialisation process and work-life balance in a highly articulate and entertaining fashion."

Pro Vice-Chancellor, University of Adelaide

Dr. Mike Brooks