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Complexica CEO Joins Major-General (rtd) John Cantwell AO DSC in the Speakers Line Up at the Business Excellence Forum and Awards

12 August 2016 / News
Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for optimising sales & marketing activities, announced today that Matthew Michalewicz will join the ex-Deputy Chief of the Army and ex-Commander of the All Australian Forces in the Middle East on Februrary 5th - 7th in the Gold Coast as a keynote speaker.

The Business Excellence Awards Ceremony honours the accomplishments, achievements, values and contributions of businesses and their owners worldwide. "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants" is the theme for 2017’s premier annual event for entrepreneurs in the Asia Pacific region. One of five international events delivered globally, the 2017 Asia/Pacific Business Excellence Forum inspires business owners to ask more of their business and themselves and importantly provide the answers to deliver real results.

Other speakers include international adventurer, change agent, and survival specialist, Peter Hillary; legendary media editor and best-selling author, Ita Buttrose; and B1G1 Chairman Paul Dunn. The event will deliver “the best of the best” in pro-growth small business practices and outstanding entrepreneurial results in an exciting setting of innovation, networking, education and incredible results.

For more information on the event, please visit:

Complexica CEO Joins the Former Chief Innovation Officer of the World Bank in the Speakers Line up at the Digital Strategy Summit in Sydney

5th May 2016 / News
Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software that helps organisations increase their revenue, margin, and customer engagement, announced today that Matthew Michalewicz will join Australasia’s leading C-level executives at SE-Corp's Digital Strategy Summit on June 8th and 9th in Sydney as a keynote speaker. Matthew will collaborate with industry peers including Paul Shetler (CEO, Australian Government Digital Transformation Office), Chris Vein (Former Chief Innovation Officer for the World Bank and CIO of the City of San Francisco), Till Rosar (Head of Strategy and M&A, Westpac VC Fund) and Ros Harvey (founder and Managing Director at The Yield).

"The Digital Strategy Summit brings together a stellar line up of Australia’s leading C-level executives for workshops, keynotes, panels and round-tables as incubators for knowledge exchange," said Jim Berry, CEO of SE-Corp. "Over 100 C-level Digital leaders from Australian enterprise and government will attend the event to discuss reinventing business models and leveraging Digital for operational excellence and customer experience. As part of our powerful agenda, we're excited to welcome AI-thought leader Matthew Michalewicz from Complexica to the speaker's line up."

For more information on the event, please visit:

The content of the Digital Strategy Summit will be Digital Operational Excellence and Digital Customer Experience. Much of the agenda will be about cultural and change management, leadership and case study successes. Group sessions will encompass Disruption, Leadership, Change Management, Internet of Things, Analytics, Big Data, Single view of the Customer/Product, Payment Innovation, Digital Customer, and Smart Cities.

SE-Corp offers advisory services to the top 1800 Commercial and Government organisations in SE Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong) and the top 1000 in Australia & New Zealand. From these they have built communities of Chief Financial Officers, Chief Information Officers and Senior IT decision makers, and Digital, Customer Experience and Marketing Heads – who now trust SE-Corp with insights on their challenges, pain points, upcoming investment strategies and suppliers. SE-Corp then creates insightful peer networking events to enable these C-level executives to learn best practice, have meaningful conversations with each other, and to meet with existing and potential providers – who can supply their demand.

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American Chamber of Commerce to Host Complexica CEO on Innovation Panel

1st April 2016 / News
Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software that helps organisations increase their revenue, margin, and customer engagement, announced today that Matthew Michalewicz will join Hon Christopher Pyne MP, Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, and CJ Halvorson, General Manager, Oracle Australia, as a panelist at the AMCHAM Business Lucheon "Innovation Driving Prosperity" held on 8th April 2016 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

For more information, please visit:

AmCham is Australia’s largest international Chamber of Commerce, and its events are regarded as among the most professional, respected, and well-attended events of their type and attract leaders and decisions-makers from corporate, industry and Government sectors. They focus on issues which affect business and the economy and include topics such as resources, mining, technology, finance, tourism, defence, agribusiness, health, education and wealth management industries.

Founded in 1961 the Chamber's objectives are to provide assistance to US and Australian companies and promote trade, commerce and investment between Australia and the USA. The Chamber also represents the business views of its members before Government in Washington and Canberra. Through the Asia-Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce (APCAC), AmCham is involved in issues that affect American and Australian businesses operating in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Complexica CEO Joins Board of Directors of ASX-listed ComOps

21st March 2016 / News
ComOps Limited (ASX: COM) (ComOps), the leading workforce management solutions company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Matthew Michalewicz as a non‐executive director of ComOps Limited.

Matthew has more than 20 years of experience in starting and running high-growth tech companies, especially in the areas of predictive analytics and optimisation. He is currently the CEO of Complexica, a provider of Artificial Intelligence software for helping large organisations increase revenue, margin, and customer engagement through automated analytics:

The Board welcomes Matthew. The improvement in the underlying business over recent months is expected to continue and the background and expertise of the Board together with a very capable Management Team ensure that ComOps is well positioned to capitalise on the growthpotential.

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Complexica Interview on Sky News with Peter Switzer

2nd March 2016 / News
Watch the Sky News interview with Peter Switzer and Complexica's Managing Director, Matthew Michalewicz, as they discuss the background of Complexica, and how the company's flagship product, "Larry, the Digital Analyst"®, is used by sales and marketing departments to capture gains in revenue and margin:



Complexica CEO Featured on Arete Executive Podcast

1st March 2016 / News
Richard Triggs, Managing Director of Arete Executive, discusses entrepreneurship, Artifiical Intelligence, and big data with Matthew Michalewicz.

To listen to the full podcast, please click here

Intelligent Response

12th February 2016 / News
Article from the business section of the Adelaide Review:

The idea for Complexica emerged from than more than 200 meetings that the founders of the business had over a six-month period in all cities in Australia, whether it was banks, mining, telcos, infrastructure, agribusiness, manufacturers or utilities. They wanted to understand how the world was changing, what problems businesses were dealing with and why those problems had not been addressed. From these meetings, they discovered that businesses were looking for technology that could rapidly analyse complex data.

Co-founder Matthew Michalewicz elaborates: “Just about every business talked about how much data they were collecting, how it was a priority for them to use that data to either be more efficient or make better decisions in the market. To try and use that to engage with consumers or customers,” he says. “That whole concept of transforming data into actionable insight was an absolute recurring theme. The underlying problem was that they were unable to do it or they had made attempts that were producing very poor results. They were hiring people who were analysing data and the results weren’t great. The idea emerged: ‘Wouldn’t it be great if there was a software application that could do it automatically’. That’s how it happened.”

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Larry, the Digital Analyst from Complexica is Here to Help Your Business Succeed

23rd January 2016 / News
Article from the business section of the Advertiser:

Larry is a digital assistant® — picture a “Siri” for your business — which can perform complex data analysis, which would take a team of human data scientists weeks, in a matter of moments. What does this look like in practice? Picture a software client which can prompt your sales reps about what a customer should be buying to boost their business and keep up with competitors. One which can look at all of the quotes you’ve won and lost across your business and analyse why you won some and missed out on others. And a program which reacts in real time to developments in your business and your customer’s, and adapts immediately.

Basically any data rich task which humans can do, but slowly, Larry can be trained to do. Better. Larry is the product of two years’ concerted work by the team at Adelaide-based software company Complexica. But it’s also a product of a lifetime spent in the company of and in business with mathematicians skilled in artificial intelligence — Mr Michalewicz’s father and Complexica’s chief scientist Zbigniew Michalewicz has published more than 20 books and a multitude of scientific articles on AI.

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Complexica Featured on Sky News

13th January 2016 / News
Watch the Sky News interview with Marty Switzer and Complexica's Managing Director, Matthew Michalewicz, as they discuss the impact that Artificial Intelligence is having on various industries and job types. Matthew explains how enterprises are harnessing the power of Complexica's flagship product, "Larry, the Digital Analyst"® to drive profit and productivity improvements, and what the future might have in store for consumers and businesses alike.

Complexica CEO to Keynote at Melbourne Data Science Summit

14th December 2015 / News
Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software that helps organisations sell more products and services, and reduce labour costs and headcount, announced today that the company’s CEO will be a keynote speaker at the 2016 Melbourne Data Science Summit.

The Melbourne Data Science Summit is an event for data scientists by data scientists, and will take place on the 5th and 6th of May, 2016 during Melbourne knowledge week. The inaugural event will include the 2nd Melbourne Datathon, which will commence two weeks earlier, culminating in “pitch night” on the 6th. The Summit evolved from the popularity of the Data Science Melbourne meetup group, comprised of almost 3,000 members that share a passion for analytics and real-world problems. For more information, please visit:

Matt Michalewicz’s keynote, entitled "Lessons of an Analytics Entrepreneur", will draw on his 20-years of experience in starting up and growing high-tech software companies in the United States and Australia.

"We are extremely happy to add seasoned entrepreneur Matt Michalewicz to the speaker line up at the summit. His keynote will provide insights into the challenges and lessons of starting up an analytics software company from scratch, growing it into the ten’s of millions in revenue, and selling to a large player in the marketplace," said event-organiser Phil Brierley. "We expect to put on a world-class event, hosted in the great city of Melbourne, and anyone with an interest in real-world analytics should attend."

"The marketplace is changing so quickly, that it’s presenting tech entrepreneurs with ever accelerating opportunities and challenges – particularly in the analytics space," said Matt Michalewicz, CEO of Complexica. "I look forward to bringing some of my best stories and lessons to the event, for the benefits of all those who attend. There’s never been a better time to get involved in the data science community, either as an entrepreneur, or just to understand how analytics is changing our industries and the world around us."

For more information, please click here

"Matthew is an accomplished speaker, but more than that, he presents with the utmost authority and credibility. He has an ability to gauge the mood and interest of the audience, and tailor his comments and presentation to suit."

American Chamber of Commerce

"His experience in technology entrepreneurship, and business in general, allows Matthew to find a way to spark interest and make a connection with everybody in the audience."

Australian Institute for Commercialisation

"After hearing Matthew speak, you gain insight into what makes an entrepreneur tick, what drives him, and what motivates him as a Company Director to take an idea and turn it into a business. He speakers with passion and self belief, and above all, he is entertaining and very easy to listen to."

State Manager, Australian Institute of Company Directors

David Spear

"We got numerous comments about how easy to relate to Matthew was and how inspired people were to take charge of their own goals."

BOC Australia

"Advisers were highly impressed with Matthew Michalewicz and his Five Drivers of Personal and Business Success presentation. This session had the highest average of all sessions from the PD day series and was voted the most valuable plenary session overall and the most useful session overall."

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

"Matthew was an absolute hit at every event we had. His presentation is always delivered with passion and humour, and the feedback from our clients has been great! We would highly recommend Matthew to anyone wanting a keynote speaker."

Colonial First State

"Clear and direct, Matthew Michalewicz is a great speaker who inspires audiences by sharing his experiences and providing good advice."

Director, Slattery IT

Rachel Slattery

"Matthew is one of the most accomplished and sought after speakers on the business circuit who inspires audiences through his confident delivery. His message content is drawn from his vast commercial experiences, providing his audience with a relevant, valuable message in an entertaining manner."

InVenture Partners

"Matthew delivered a keynote that was thought provoking and inspiring, and which set the scene for our whole conference – attendees were still talking about it on the last day. I would certainly look to book Matthew again and have no hesitation in recommending him."

Graham Dear

CEO Leading Edge Buying Groups

"We were absolutely thrilled with Matthew. He was professional, on message, approachable, highly relevant, engaging, value-adding. Our delegates were exceptionally positive, and they were hard to please. Well done."

CEO, Liquor Marketing Group

Doug Misener

"Matthew's presentations provide that rare mix of being both educational and entertaining. He leaves you with core messages and key take-aways that can add value to your business and everyday life. If you are looking to inspire creativity and entrepreneurship, or just a motivational boost, I would highly recommend Matthew as a speaker."

State Manager, Macquarie Private Wealth

Kieran Purcell

"Matthew encapsulates the talented professional speaker who is able to engage and hold the attention of audiences at a level which could best be described as absolute. I highly commend Matthew to any organisation seeking to engage him in the capacity of speaker, confident with the knowledge he will deliver each and every time to the highest expectation!

SA Great

"Matthew is a fine, natural speaker and I have been delighted to engage his services for several important events. Drawing upon a variety of successful experiences, including leadership of several high-tech companies, Matthew is able to convey deep insights into issues such as the commercialisation process and work-life balance in a highly articulate and entertaining fashion."

Pro Vice-Chancellor, University of Adelaide

Dr. Mike Brooks